150th Civil War Anniversary 1861-2011 featuring restored Fine Art Civil War photos from Charleston, SC in 1865

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Restored Civil War Photos in Charleston, South Carolina 1865

As the Civil War was closing, photographers, with their wagons and cumbersome large cameras in tow, came to record the flag raising ceremony at Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina on April 14, 1865. This ceremony marked the fourth anniversary of the surrender of Fort Sumter. While in the area these photographers also documented Federal and Confederate forts as well as the city of Charleston. Some of their photographs were taken on large glass plates while others were made with a twin-lens stereoscopic camera to produce the popular stereo views.

Over time, these delicate plates and stereo view images have become damaged, resulting in the compromised images we typically see. Rick Rhodes Photography & Imaging has fully restored selected images of Charleston, South Carolina made available by the Library of Congress.

We have successfully revealed all possible detail from these 144-year-old images made available to us. Countless hours have been spent optimizing each image; repairing cracks, scratches and other defects caused by time. Our meticulous printing skill allows us to offer prints up to 38”x38” and allows you to view historic city of Charleston as she stood in 1865.

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